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MOBOX Explains How to Obtain M-BTC on Merlin Chain to Participate in the $MBDL Fair Launch


  • Introduction of $MDBL as the native token in Dragonverse Neo Litepaper.
  • Obtaining M-BTC is crucial to participate in the $MDBL launch, with Merlin Chain as the facilitator.
  • Merlin’s Seal by Merlin Chain allows accumulation of M-Tokens, essential for various activities in its ecosystem.

MOBOX revolutionized the crypto universe with the introduction of $MDBL as the native token in the Dragonverse Neo Litepaper. This token stands as the cornerstone for a range of activities in the ecosystem, including obtaining liquidity yields, game rewards, creator incentives, and operating nodes in the innovative Gaming L3.

To partake in the fair launch of $MDBL, obtaining M-BTC is imperative, a task made more accessible thanks to Merlin Chain, a leader in Bitcoin Layer 2. Merlin Chain has secured over 3.5 billion in total value locked (TVL) in just 30 days since its official launch on the mainnet. This partnership with Merlin Chain marks a milestone in the convergence between the world of cryptocurrencies and gaming.

Merlin Chain’s infrastructure has introduced Merlinโ€™s Seal, an event allowing users to stake assets on the platform to accumulate points for future airdrops. In return, participants receive M-Tokens on Layer 2, such as M-BTC, maintaining a 1:1 ratio with the staked assets. These M-Tokens become essential in the Merlin Chain ecosystem, providing support for a variety of activities, from loans to participation in the fair launch of $MDBL.

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MOBOX Provides a Detailed Guide to Avoid Losses and Complications

For those already holding BTC on Bitcoin Layer 1, the process to obtain M-BTC involves using MerlinBridge to transfer BTC to the Merlin network, followed by an exchange on MerlinSwap. Alternatively, newcomers to the world of cryptocurrencies have a clear path: acquiring BTC through the Meson bridge and then following the aforementioned steps to obtain M-BTC.

Understanding each step of the process and carefully verifying all transactions is crucial, as the security of digital assets is of utmost importance in this space. For those seeking additional guidance or have questions about the process, the MOBOX Discord community is available to provide assistance.

The introduction of $MDBL as the native token in the Dragonverse Neo Litepaper promises to open new opportunities in the cryptocurrency universe, with Merlin Chain facilitating access to M-BTC for those interested in participating in the token launch.

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