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Monsta Infinite Launches Monsta Mounts: Monstaverse NFTs

The play-to-earn turn-based card NFT game on BNB Smart Chain, Monsta Infinite has announced the launch of the much-awaited Monsta Mount.

Owning a Mount will enable owners to move into the Monstaverse quickly. Additionally, being in the Monstaverse gives users an edge in completing missions and accruing more rewards.

What are Monsta Mounts?

These are transferable and tradable NFTs essential to gamers’ battles in Monstaverse. They are unique assets that help Monstas by offering specific perks and features in battles. The Monsta Mounts are available in Treasury boxes. 

Users can find these boxes by exploring Fortune Crates. Players can collect these items from the Fortune Crates in Monsta Tapwar and find the Treasury boxes. It is worth mentioning that this is a time-bound event, which starts on January 17 and runs until February 17, 2023.monsta infinite

How to Obtain Treasury Boxes to get Monsta Mounts

Treasury boxes are of two types – Normal Treasury Boxes and Advanced Treasury Boxes. The first step is to get and open the Fortune Crates. When you un-box, you will find a type of Treasury Boxes, depending on the item types you found in the Fortune Crates. 

Getting an Advanced Treasury Box requires 15 Epic Items. You need 4 rare and 20 uncommon items to acquire the Normal Treasury Box. Users must collect and hold the required items in Monsta Tapwar till the end of this event to get the Treasury boxes and get Monsta Mounts.

Highlights of Terms and Conditions of the Event

According to Monsta Infinite, the probability of getting items in a Treasury box is random, and the items can also be duplicates. That means you can get fifteen of the same Epic item to have an Advanced Treasury box. 

Also, the number and type of Treasury boxes you receive depend on the number of items you have in your inventory at the end of the event. Users must hold their items until the end of the event to get the desired Monsta Mounts. 

The game platform has announced that it will not include items used before the end of the event. Furthermore, the team will only distribute the Treasury boxes after the end of the event. It is worth mentioning that the terms and conditions can change without prior notice. 

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