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My DeFi Pet Introduces Pet Upgrade Mechanism from Pet V1 to V2 

My DeFi Pet, a play-to-earn, NFT-based game platform, has announced the introduction of its pet upgrade mechanism from pet v1 to v2. According to the game metaverse, the cute pets in the My DeFi Pet World are all grown up and after over a year, the time for transformation is already here.

In light of this, the game platform is delighted to introduce its pet upgrade mechanism from version one to version two. 

Highlights of the Pet Upgrade Mechanism

Not all pets are qualified for the transformation as My DeFi Pet has mentioned that only evolved L-20 Pets in V1 are qualified for the transformation into V2. Every turn takes 5 $DPET to enable the PET to transform. It should be noted that the gas fee for the transaction is not accounted for in the mentioned cost.

When a player decides to upgrade their pet, the V1 pets have to be returned to the legacy land, which means it will be burned. After this activity, the V2 pets will be available to accompany their owners. 

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What are the Highlights of the Pet V2?

It is worth mentioning that the Pet V2 will have major changes in their appearances. They will also have stronger statistics than what is available in V1. My DeFi Pet will provide more details on the new features of the Pet V2 very soon. The Pet V2 is a completely new version of the pets.

That means the cooldown, cooldown index, and breed number will be reset to zero. However, the status quo, physical features, and genes of a pet will remain the same to maintain the familiarity and rarity of the pet with the owner.

Pet owners whose Pets V1 have not attained level 20 can continue to train them within the next four weeks to make them eligible for the upgrade. Pet owners can then decide whether or not to upgrade them to V2.

Suffice to mention that the system took a snapshot on July 10 at 7:00 pm GMT +7. According to My DeFi Pet, this will be a grand new era for all Pet Masters.

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