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My DeFi Pet Reduces Breeding Fee to 50% from July 11

My DeFi Pet, a virtual pet game metaverse, is offering an exciting deal to its community members. In celebrating World Population Day, the game platform is offering a special discount on its breeding price. That means gamers will be able to breed new pets at a 50% discount off the original price.

It is worth mentioning that this offer is valid for only one day on July 11, 2022. As mentioned, My DeFi Pet is a virtual pet game that blends collectibles, DeFi, and a playerโ€™s personality to create a unique gaming experience. The game metaverse is built and operated on Supported networks, which include KardiaChain and Binance Smart Chain.

How to Breed My DeFi Pets

Just like in the real world, players in My DeFi Pet metaverse can breed pets to create new offspring. When you bring two pets together to breed a new generation, there is a high probability that the new offspring will inherit the blood and body parts of the parents.

Some features that the new pets can inherit include the wings, tail, and body type, among others. These new pets can also have new parts that may not be visible in the parents but their recessive traits. Players can breed a pet with an owned sire that is called the matron or with siring approval.

my defi pet

To get a siring approval, players must pre-pay the DPET token fee to the first caller of the Birth. After breeding the new pet, it is assigned to the matron, who is the current owner.

Following the successful completion of the breeding phase, the new pet and the matron are ready to go through the breeding process again. It is worth mentioning that anyone can call for the breeding function as long as they have the fund to pay for gas.

Highlights of My DeFi Gameplay

The game metaverse is built around a primary loop of engaging game activities involving collecting, evolving, breeding, battling with, and socializing/trading for pets.

My DeFiPet uses the Season concept to break the game process into bits, and using this mechanism, the game platform delivers both short-term and long-term rewards to its players. The metaverse has a marketplace where players can trade pets or breed them.

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