Nakamoto Games Engage-to-Earn Campaign
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Nakamoto Games Launches Engage-to-Earn Campaign

Nakamoto Games has launched an engage-to-earn campaign for users looking to become integral members of its ecosystem. This is the team’s way of giving back to the community. The contest will feature amazing prizes for those who will emerge victorious. This update comes after the GameFi project integrated multichain protocols into its NFTs.

For those who do not understand how this works, Lunar Crush is a platform for web3 enthusiasts and investors. The website collects data that enables the stakeholders to compare and share various metrics of coins of different projects. This ranges circulating supply, market cap, 24hr volume, store and Alt tanks.

Details of the Nakamoto Games Engage-to-Earn Campaign

Nakamoto Games Engage-to-Earn Campaign Dashboard

The Nakamoto Games Engage-to-Earn Campaign begins on the 25th of January 2023. This contest will continue till the 5th of February, 2023. During this period, participants will try to break into the top 20 influencers for Nakamoto Games on the Lunar Crush website. Anyone who succeeds will receive 100 US Dollars worth of $NAKA. The team is setting aside $2000 worth of its underlying utility token for this contest.

To join this campaign, creators will post tweets, pictures, videos, streaming sessions and other related content that will promote the Nakamoto ecosystem. Ensure to get more audience to like, share and engage in whatever content you put out. In addition, there are no limits to how much content you can share. More so, participants are encouraged to make multiple posts and increase their chances of earning.

Concerning this competition, the system will collect data regarding every participant’s effort. There is a format designed to calculate every activity geared towards this contest. One of these is your social media activity. In addition to that, the tool will also measure how your posts influence other social media users. The team will ascertain this by how much engagement you garner. Meanwhile, everything you do has to be related to Nakamoto Games to increase your chances of winning.

After joining the campaign, users can visit the Lunar Crush website to track their progress. The team will select the most engaging influencers and content creators by the 6th of February, 2023. The announcement will be made via Twitter.

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