Prisidium Mystery Box Sale
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Prisidium Mystery Box Sale Set for March 17th

Warena is set to offer NFTs from the Prisidium Collection to its community members. This will take the form of the Prisidium Mystery Box Sale. Each box will contain an in-game warrior of a random element, race and rarity. More details are as follows.

Details of the Prisidium Mystery Box Sale

The Prisidium Mystery Box Sale is set to run from the 7:00 AM UTC 17th of March to the 17th of April. Each price will sell for 0.2 WBNB/box. The Warena Marketplace is the official source for participating in this event. Furthermore, buyers will unbox each one for 30 RENA per box. Everyone can participate in this sale and there is no limit per user.

There will be five different types of mystery boxes. Also, there are 5000 of these boxes will be available for sale. For each one you purchase, there is a 35% chance of getting a rare NFT and a 65% chance of getting the common one. Although the game is currently a 2D game, there are plans to expand to 3D (Metaverse). After this expansion, players will be able to use the NFTS gotten from this sale in the Metaverse.

Types of Mystery Boxes:

Prisidium Mystery Box

Over the period of one month, players will have the opportunity to own one or more of the following boxes:

  • Wilder Core: This box offers a random warrior with the GRASS element. This in-game character has strength, flexibility, generosity, cooperation, and idealism. Harnessing the power of the wild, he heralds the beginning of life and can bring down enemies with his corrosive abilities.
  • Hydro Core: Like his name states, the warrior from this box has the WATER element. He represents wisdom and flexibility. In addition, he is versatile in combat and faces his adversaries with calmness. He also boasts of the ability to restrict the movement of his enemies.
  • Molten Core: The Molten Core warrior boast of the FIRE element. Possessing one of the most chaotic elements, this warrior offers joy and hatred, enthusiasm and restlessness, creativity and destruction. Using his highly aggressive manoeuvres, he can wreak havoc on the battlefield.
  • Terra Core: The warrior got from the Terra Core mystery box possesses the EARTH element. His abilities are patience, thoughtfulness, practicality, hard work, and stability. He is nurturing, stable and has the ability to draw things to himself. On the battlefield, he can withstand waves of enemy attacks.
  • Voltaic Element: This box offers you the opportunity to summon a warrior with the METAL element. Warriors with this element are tough, ambitious and persistent in nature. They are self-reliant, wise and very often empower those around them.

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