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World of Cryptoids Publishes Patch Note 2.0

In celebrating the launch of its Ultimate Challenge, World of Cryptoids has released its Patch 2.0 version. This version offers gamers a new way to play and earn. Although the Ultimate Challenge event will launch on March 18, the game platform announces that it will also adjust its marketplace to give users a new level of trading experience.

What is the Ultimate Challenge? 

The Ultimate Challenge features a new PvP game mode where players can play against each other. This feature is now live on the game platform. The Ultimate Challenge uses a countdown timer of 24 hours, which means players have a long time to achieve victory and earn the prize.

The prize pool comes with a significant amount of $mCGC. Interested participants in the Ultimate Challenge can enter with regular Cryptoids and free Novice Cryptoids.

It is worth mentioning that the more skillful you are, the higher your chances of winning the challenge. Each entry into the event costs 50 $mCGC and adds extra five seconds to the timer. The entry fees will be added to the event’s prize pool.

How to Earn in the Ultimate Challenge

Participants can earn through four different methods in the event. Here are the highlights of the different methods:

  • 1v1 Battle: When players win a 1v1 battle, they get rewarded immediately
  • Lucky Draw: After each battle, a lucky draw will take place to give players extra rewards
  • Longest win Streak: Players with the longest win streak in a cycle will win extra $mCGC 
  • Buzzer Beater: Players that win the last battle in the cycle get rewarded.

Although players can explore different methods to earn $mCGC, it is recommended that they upgrade their skills to improve their odds of winning. Gamers can use Ultimate Challenge to spend additional $mCGC tokens.

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Highlights of Marketplace Claiming

According to the game platform, while the Ultimate Challenge is the star of Patch 2.0, the Marketplace is the top priority. The platform is currently altering the way players claim $mCGC and has added new features to enable users to monetize their Cryptoids. Here are the new features and changes made to the Marketplace claiming:

  • New methods of claiming $mCGC
  • Gamers can claim tokens on the 1st and 15th of each month only
  • There is a 24-hour window to claim tokens
  • Missing a claim window requires waiting for the next one
  • There is no claim limit
  • More features, including sell/paid gift feature, have been added

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