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Kaby Arena Releases January Updates and Details of Upcoming Events

The Free-to-play RPG NFT-based game platformKaby Arena, has released the highlights of its activities for January 2022. According to the game platform, Kaby Arena has had an exciting and very productive month so far in the New Year.

In its press release, the game site talks about the major highlights of its activities in the month, including: 

  • The release of an extensive Kaby Wiki covering all races, leaders’ abilities, a full list of skills, and a comprehensive explanation of all effects. 
  • The launch of a $5,000 pool for the learn-and-earn campaign
  • Numerous AMAs, including a bonus lottery event for attendees
  • The release of the anonymity opponents’ feature when climbing the leaderboard to the top 100. This increases the difficulty level of the competitive PvP play
  • Inclusion of a one-hour hero transfer window after leaderboard reset
  • The adjustment of the Challenge List Refresh Fee from 20 KGT to 200 KGT for gamers within the top 100
  • Availability of the Defense booster for use and purchase in PvE and PvP gameplay
  • Inclusion of Real-Time Human PVP featuring reward risking whilst influencing leaderboard ranking

Kaby Arena Upcoming Events

January has indeed been a highly productive month for Kaby Arena but the game platform has many more exciting events and innovations coming up in subsequent months. Currently, the mobile app of Kaby Arena is still in the development stage and the developers are waiting for Google’s response on the update status on launching the app on the App Store.

The game platform mentioned that as soon as it gets a response from Google, it will announce to its community member and also share the official launch date.

kaby arena

As part of its intention to keep the community abreast of happenings in the Metaverse, Kaby Arena has announced its intention to include another wiki page.

This will include a stat breakdown section where players can see the minimums and maximums of the stat for each class at the beginning of each level and star.

What is Kaby Arena about?

Kaby Arena is the first game to include crypto market fluctuations in its gameplay. It is a tactical multiplayer role-playing game that merges play-to-earn and free-to-play to offer players an open economy. The features of the gameplay include the following:

  • Asset for Rent: Players get to solve NFT games and blockchain problems and have an opportunity to rent out their assets with higher credibility
  • Crypto War: The gameplay also involves the correct prediction of the crypto market fluctuations to earn in-game benefits

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