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Rigel Protocol Set to Launch its First Unique NFTs Collection Sales

Rigel Protocol, a decentralized protocol for DeFi projects, joins the NFTs rave as it launches its first collections of NFTs for the unique DApps on its platform, including GiftDApp, LaunchPad, and SmartSwap. After the completion of the NFTs Sales event, NFT enthusiasts will be able to buy NFTs at the Rigel protocol NFT Marketplace.

They will also have the opportunity to claim NFT items on Rigel Protocol DApps. The sale event is slated to start on March 31, 2022. The event will provide Liquidity Providers and early investors the opportunity to earn exciting bonuses.

Highlights of Rigel Protocol NFTs Collection

The Rigel Protocol NFTs Collections are unique as they will not just be minted and kept in owners’ wallets. The NFTs will be backed by proof of work featuring huge use cases created around them to give them significant value.

The launch will start with the primary NFTs versions on three applications, LaunchPad, SmartSwap, and GiftDApp. These applications are built on Binance Smart Chain and the Polygon Networks.

SmartSwap NFTs Collection

The first NFT collection will launch on SmartSwap. A total of 8,175 unique NFTs will be available to participants. Suffice to mention that SmartSwap is the fundamental exchange platform of Rigel Protocol.

The platform offers users a place where they can swap different tokens on Polygon, BSC, and Oasis. The application features high yield Liquidity Mining pools offering popular tokens, such as SHIB, MATIC, ROSE, CAKE, and AXS, among others.

Rigel protocol

LaunchPad NFTs Collection

A total of 3,505 unique NFTs will be available on LaunchPad during the launch. The Launchpad will fund the development needs of innovative DeFi projects and help them to excel in the competitive Blockchain domain. Participating projects on the LaunchPad will have access to the platform’s community and the complete support of the Rigel Protocol team.

GiftApp NFTs Collection

The GiftDApp decentralized application will have a collection featuring 11,331 unique NFTs during the event. Users on this platform will have the chance to send gifts to friends and followers as well as win prizes. Other Crypto influencers and DeFi projects on the platform can also increase their engagement and follower base, and also reward their fans and communities.

Rigel Protocol NFTs are unique because they are not created to sit idle in users’ wallets. They are active NFTs that play different roles and serve numerous use cases. 

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