Sinverse Land V3 Staking Pool
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Sinverse Land V3 Staking Pool Goes Live

Sinverse has launched the Land V3 staking pool for interested investors. This is an exciting opportunity for players to earn more than the specified APY on their deposits. Anyone who participates in this venture will get access to whitelist spots in the upcoming Land sale.

Although the land sale date is still undecided, users can give themselves an advantage by joining this contributing pool. Depending on their commitment level, players can get first access to virtual plots in the metaverse when they are available for resale.

Details of the Sinverse Land V3 Staking Pool

Below are the important details of the Sinverse Land V3 Staking Pool.

  • Date: 15th of January 2023
  • Time: 9:00 PM UTC
  • Official staking website:
  • Reward pool: 5,000,000 $SIN
  • Maximum Cap: 20,000,000 $SIN
  • Minimum stake: No limit
  • Maximum stake: No limit
  • Duration: 6 months
  • APY: 50%

Before joining this staking event, ensure to visit the official website. Avoid URLs that are not associated with or add it as a subdomain. Users can visit the official Telegram Channel or Discord Server before clicking on any link.

Sinverse Land V3 Staking

Meanwhile, the official website will only be accessible when the staking goes live. Furthermore, it is the maximum APY that is 50%. Your returns may vary according to the size of your capital and how long you lock it in the smart contract. In addition, you will be unable to unlock your staked tokens during the duration of the deposit.

As mentioned earlier, participating in this stake guarantees you a whitelist spot. However, there are terms and conditions to benefit from this opportunity. Players must stake at least 10,000 $SIN in other to get whitelisted for 1 parcel of land. If you want to get access to more plot, you must stake its equivalent. This implies that you must deposit a minimum of 100,000 $SIN to be considered for 10 virtual plots.

The distribution of staking rewards will occur after the land sale is over. This will give players added advantage to build on their newly-secured plots.

How to Participate

If you are interested in the Sinverse staking, follow these steps to participate:

  • Visit the staking website on your Metamask web explorer. You can also use a regular browser that has Metamask extension installed on it.
  • Connect your Metamask wallet.
  • Ensure that you have the amount of $SIN that you want to stake. Also ensure that you have $BNB in your wallet for gas fees.
  • Enter the amount of $SIN you want to deposit.
  • Click on “Approve” to proceed.
  • Wait on the page and click on the “Confirm” message when it pops-up.
  • Wait for Metamask to confirm the transaction before leaving the webpage.

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