Tiny World Spook-tacular Halloween Event
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Tiny World Launches Spook-tacular Halloween Event

Tiny World is launching a Spook-tacular Halloween Event. This initiative is in commemoration of the season of horrors. Interested persons should gear up, as this promises to be a “spine-tingling” exercise. Players will get massive rewards for completing different tasks in Tiny Kingdom gameplay mode.

The Tiny World Spook-tacular Halloween Event will go live on the 27th of October. This exercise will continue till the 3rd of November. Players compete for their share of the 10,000 $BUSD prize pool during this period. Assignments range from completing quests to holding unique assets.

While announcing the event, Tiny World did not give a definitive ranking system. However, the team stated that each quest’s round would last 24 hours. Users will also be able to claim their earnings immediately the session ends.

How to Participate in the Tiny World Spook-tacular Halloween Event

Tiny World Boss Challenge

You should undertake specific tasks to get more activity points and increase your chances of earning compensation. While there are different activities, some will offer more XP than others. Some of them include the following:

  • Craft selected equipment from materials in each quest.
  • Submit eligible crafted items to gain Halloween points and other crystals. Assets of higher classes will give you better scores than regular ones.
  • Collecting pumpkins is another means of scoring points. However, the unique 3-star lucky blue Pumpkin gives you three more activity points. Players can obtain these items by engaging in combat, completing expeditions and defeating the BOSS in Trials.
  • Besides the pumpkins, there is another lucky material that players can collect. Although Tiny World did not say precisely what this item is, they stated that collecting it is similar to getting a blue pumpkin. The owners will get three times the activity points.

At the end of each round, all the participants will share the available prize. The formula will be the ratio of each player’s Halloween points to the total score points. After completing the calculations, the team will distribute the earnings to users via the in-game mail. Participants can begin claiming their earnings immediately if it is up to 0.01 $BUSD or more.

Note: Players must submit whatever items they collect during this period. Failure to report your assets may cost you activity points.

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