Axie Infinity Launches the Axie Experience Points
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Axie Infinity Launches the Axie Experience Points

Axie Infinity has launched the Axie Experience Points and Levels. The team is growing avatars beyond in-game uses to dynamic on-chain NFTs. Sky Mavis wants to expand the scope of gameplay to involve more than PVP battles and give players a sense of progression.

While making the announcement, the team shared informative insights about this new feature. This includes how to earn experience points and use them to improve your axie. They also stated that individuals who joined the project at the foundational stage would receive a digital item in their collection.

Details of the Axie Infinity Experience Points

Starting from the 18th of July, players will be able to get experience points. However, this feature will only be available in Axie Origins. Lunacians who engage in Ranked Battles will receive 150 AXP if they win. Meanwhile, experience points are tied to each axie and players cannot transfer them from one in-game monster to another.

Considering that people can only use a specific avatar 30 times in one day, the maximum AXP they can get is 4500 AXP. However, this means that users must win all 30 games to acquire the maximum points. Meanwhile, contestants will not just be earning Experience Points for the sake of it. Those with significant points will ascend to a higher level and receive incentives, which commemorate that stage. Different stages will work like the “save point” of a more traditional game.

Details of the Axie Infinity Experience Points

Below are the three ascension levels as stated in the announcement:

  • 1st Ascension: Levels 1-10 require 13,310 AXP.
  • 2nd Ascension: Levels 10-20 require 110,480 AXP.
  • 3rd Ascension: Levels 20-30 require 334,170 AXP.

Meanwhile, every axie has the maximum number of AXP that it can acquire. Nonetheless, players who want to earn more can ascend their avatar by logging in to their App.axie profile. Meanwhile, the ascension only begins from the highest levels. This means that users must cross levels 9, 19, and 29 to climb.

Sky Mavis is rewarding the first ten players to reach level 30 with Japanese Axies. In addition, the first 100 users to reach level 30 will receive a Unique Origins Avatar and an Avatar Border each. There are plans to include more reward categories. The team is also considering expanding this feature to Homeland and Axie DoLL.

Details of the Axie Infinity Experience Points

Gameplay occurs off-chain, and the points are accumulated in the same manner. Therefore, players must synchronize their experience points to the Ronin Chain to be eligible for the prize pool. This is the only way to prove that they actually attained the milestone.

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