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Dark Country Launches Lands and Card Game for SDM Token

Following several months of testing and tweaking, the NFT TCG, Dark Country, has launched the much-anticipated Lands and Card Game for SDM token. It is worth mentioning that Dark Country sold its first Land NFTs over a year ago and announced its intention to create a large ecosystem of a collectible card game based on a western horror theme.

The first version of the game was launched on July 7 and it is available to all players online. Users on the platform can own lands and play the game and earn SDMs (Shadow Dimes) in the process.

How to Earn the SDM Token

The primary way to earn the SDM token is to play the Dark Country’s newly launched game. It is worth mentioning that there are two layers to the Dark Country’s game – Card and Land Games, and both are connected to a single user base.

Card Game

This is an exhilarating card game where players use their NFT cards to compile a deck in the game and play with other gamers. You can play with random people, friends, or AI to test your in-game skills. When you complete a PvP match, you earn the SDM token. You should know that each match you play costs in-game resources. This game is available on Itch.io.

Land Game

This game lets players perform different activities to earn the SDM tokens. The game is available in the browser and from July 8, SDM tokens will start accruing to Landowners each day at 10:15 UTC. The details of the activities in Land Game are available in Dark Country’s Wiki, which can be found on the official website.

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How to Play Dark Country

The assets each player owns will determine their first game experience. Let’s look at how this plays out on the game platform:

Players with no NFT Card Deck or Lands: This group of players can download the Dark Country and select the Player-vs-Player mode to earn SDM tokens. They can thereafter use the SDM token they earn to buy new NFT cards and build a custom-made deck.

Players with Land: This category of players can stake their Lands in-game to earn SDM every twenty-four hours. With a Land, you can earn SDM by participating in tournaments, quests, and re-forging hero staking.

Players with Dark Country Hero and a Card Deck: This category of players can participate in quests and use their applied card deck for more gameplay. Landowners will pay SDM to get users to complete quests on their Lands to increase the influence of their Lands for more future earnings.

Holders of SDM can use it in the game to play the game and upgrade their buildings and earn resources faster. They can also trade it on the market.

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