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Decentraland Announces a Security Update

Decentraland, a virtual social world, has announced a security update to its platform. According to the game metaverse, it is committed to ensuring the security of Decentraland and being transparent about steps taken to achieve its security goal.

The metaverse reveals that two security issues have affected the platform but updates have been performed on them. First, the Decentraland Foundation has fixed the reported vulnerability of the LAND contracts and all assets on the platform are now safe.

Second, the platform is taking the protection of the Decentraland IP seriously and it is planning to extend its community.

Update on LAND Vulnerability Report

A security expert reported a crucial vulnerability on the LAND smart contract on March 12. The vulnerability situation makes it possible for anyone to reassign LAND without the permission of the LAND owner.

The team swiftly responded to this report by contacting members of the Security Advisory Board of the DAO to modify the smart contracts. The vulnerability was resolved in two hours, and since then; the team has performed two audits of the LAND smart contracts to ascertain that the issue has been resolved.


Highlights of the Protection of the IP 

The Decentraland Foundation is committed to its mission to protect the IP of Decentraland. Therefore, the team has commissioned its legal team to perform all necessary actions required to protect the Decentraland logo and trademark.

With this, it becomes impossible for impersonators to use the assets of the metaverse. The legal team is also taking steps to remove all domains, applications, and web pages featuring malicious content to mislead the public about the Decentraland platform.

To assist the legal team in carrying out its duty, the Decentraland Foundation has also employed reputable organizations in IP enforcement and research to identify any scams or infringing content and take required legal actions to resolve the problems.

According to the metaverse, its team has analyzed over 880 web pages, 399 desktop and mobile applications, 400 domains, and over 1180 social media listings. These analyses have resulted in 24 domains, two websites, and five social media handles being taken down successfully.

The Foundation takes the security of the Decentraland platform and its community seriously, and it is committed to acting reactively and proactively to repel threats and guide against their occurrence.

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