Orbitau Passive Skills Wiki for Heroes
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Orbitau Unveils Passive Skills Wiki For Heroes

Orbitau recently launched the PVP leaderboard beta session 2. This was to prepare players for the release of the main version. To further encourage competitive gameplay, the team is issuing the passive skills wiki for heroes. Users will be able to equip their in-game characters and increase their chances of winning duels.

Details of the Orbitau Passive Skills Wiki For Heroes

While issuing this announcement, Orbitau gave details of all the passive skills wiki for heroes. This includes the ones for the following types: Ember, Earth, Ocean, Ore and Forest.

Below is a breakdown of the different inactive abilities of characters that fall into these categories:

Generic Boosts

These are power-ups that apply to every skill. They include the following:

  • Speed Up: Heroes that have a higher level of battling speed will get to start the battle first when you apply this boost.
  • Defence Up: This power-up will increase the hero’s defence stat according to the percentage of the passive skill.
  • Attack Up: This booster adds a percentage to the original attack stat of the in-game character.
  • Critical Damage: Learn this skill to improve the critical damage percentage of your hero.
  • HP Up: Depending on how much you learn, this power-up increases your health points.

Specific Power-Ups

Passive Skills For Different Orbitau Heroes

Besides the generic ones, certain effects are specific to certain classes. They include


  • Vampiric Touch: This will allow you to recover your hero’s HP by a % of the damage you deal. However, the hero must be learning this skill
  • Critical Rate: It remarkably improves the critical rate when in use.


  • Echo of Earth: This increases the attack stat of your hero according to its HP. It means that the more damage you will be able to deal if you have higher health points.
  • Rejuvenation: This will refill the HP of your hero at every turn. However, it depends on percentage of the maximum health points.


  • Taste of Blood: It refills the HP according to the percentage of damage you deal.
  • Open Wounds: When you consecutively aim at the same target, this skill will increase the damage you deal. It works five times in a row.


  • Armour Force: This boost increases your attack stat in a specific ratio to your defence stat.


  • Flash Heal: Your teammates will receive healing according to the percentage of their maximum HO when you deal a critical hit.
  • Front of Life: It increases your attack stat per the percentage of your current HP. The higher your HP, the higher your attack stat.

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