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Sidus Heroes Introduces Stimulant as a Daily Reward

Is introducing Stimulant as a new daily reward for active players. Despite this introduction, there will be no changes to the reward system. This new incentive will be take place upon the release of upcoming patch notes. The game hopes that this addition will make gameplay more thrilling.

Details of the Stimulant Daily Reward

The Stimulant daily reward till take effect from next month (April 2022). By then, players will be able to earn a limited amount of Stimulants per day. Also, the rarity level of the Hero will determine the how much of this in-game reward users can earn. Apart from being a daily reward, this system also operates per Hero. In other words, you can use multiple heroes to earn more. At the end of each day, the game will reset the stimulant count for each in-game character to Zero.

Sidus Heroes will reveal the exact amount of this prize later on. However, it still gave insights to the benefits of stimulants. This in-game reward plays a significant role in the Game’s Reproduction Facility. The use of this token will enable you create a Hero when the breeding feature goes live.

However, there will still be changes to this reward system. Following the introduction the ranking system, it will serve as the only means through which players will earn stimulants. Also, there will be changes to the limit which players can earn. Regardless of the amount of players competing, only the top leaders will share from prize pool.

Sidus Station Shipyard Construction

Sidus Space Station

Sidus Heroes is creating more avenues for players to work together. During the course of gaming, players will use Space Shuttles to move from one place to another. These vehicles require construction and players are getting an avenue to earn while constructing them. However, players will have to purchase a toolbox. This will enable them build the the respective module for the SIDUS Space Station.

To participate in this process, players have to wait until a shipyard module is available for building. Depending on what shuttle is available, players will require huge amount of metal and other construction materials. Players can acquire these resources from Tesseracts they got in the Battle Arena.

When you have all these materials, you can send your team’s Heroes off to participate in construction works. Upon completion of any construction, the game will create two different lists. Users who invested their resources resources will be on one list, while those who contributed their time will be on the other. The various participants will receive $SENATE as rewards.

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