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The Sandbox Deploys on Polygon

The Sandbox, a virtual gaming world, has attained a new milestone as it successfully migrated its smart contract to Polygon Layer 2. According to the game platform, the deployment and bridge of its LAND and SAND tokens will enable its team to build a more cost-effective and greener ecosystem with numerous features. 

More Details about the Sandbox Deployment on Polygon

With the Sandbox’s LAND and SAND now being supported on Polygon’s network, users can now interact with their tokens through a single source.

Also, the initiation of the deployment and bridging of the Sandbox ecosystem on Polygon will enable users to benefit from all features this move entails. These include a greener ecosystem, faster speed, lower gas fees, a more effective system, and a high return on LAND multipliers on the staking programs. 

Highlights of the Features of the Deployment


The LAND bridge to Polygon comes with a 15% LAND contribution multiplier on the platform’s SAND and SAND-MATIC staking programs. What does this mean? If a user stakes 1000 SAND, they will receive a 1.15X multiplier.

In other words, they will have 1150 SAND for their share calculation. The new features will enable LAND owners to earn more rewards when they stake SAND on the LAND they own on the network.

The Sandbox mentioned it will update the staking program to incorporate contributions at the next deposit in the staking pool.

the sandbox


The Sandbox says it will allocate one million $SAND through its cashback mechanism to reduce gas costs and encourage migration. LAND owners can claim a 10 mSAND cashback for each LAND they migrate on Polygon for the first time.

Highlights of what is Next on the Sandbox Deployment on Polygon Network

Asset Token

The Sandbox revealed that the next token it will deploy and bridge on Polygon Network is the ASSET token. Users are to look out for more information on this deployment and bridge, which will come up in July 2023.

LAND Sales

The Sandbox will now henceforth host all its LAND sales on the Polygon network. According to the game platform, hosting LAND sales on Layer-2 will reduce the gas fees for transactions and provide flawless gasless systems through Biconomy.


The platform also mentioned it will implement all Estate creation and modification on Polygon to offer users the chance to merge their LANDs to build a bigger space for publishing their experiences.

Experience Publishing

According to the Sandbox, this will be a significant next step on its roadmap as experience publishing will allow creators to publish their LAND-related experiences through the Polygon network.

The Sandbox says it will share additional information on this feature as it gets closer to the launch date.

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