Crypto Citizen Gives Players 6000
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Crypto Citizen Players Win $6000

Crypto Citizen, a metaverse game has disclosed that it will be giving players $6000 worth of rewards. It is a result of their participation in the recently concluded alpha 2.0. This announcement was made via the Qorpo weekly report. Part of that press release includes an update on the texturing process.

Details of the Crypto Citizen $6000 Reward to Players

The Crypto Citizen alpha 2.0 was meant to be a 2-week event where players will try out the game’s testnet. Over this period, participants had the opportunity to earn up to $5000 worth of prizes. Upon completion, the winners were contacted via email. The reward was immediately distributed to them. While the collation of feedback data continued.

However, the program was extended for an additional week. After which another group of users had the chance to win up to  $1000 worth of rewards. Which brings the total to $6000. There were also other beneficiaries. Like the bug bounty and #NFT holder challenge winners.

Other Details

Crypto Citizen Alpha Test 2.0 ends

Following the completion of alpha 2.0, Crypto Citizen is already moving towards achieving its next milestone. As one of the most anticipated GameFi projects for 2022, their team is currently working towards meeting those expectations. They are currently working round the clock to develop the districts, characters, vehicles, weapons, and textures of the metaverse.

While giving the weekly report, Qorpo decided to give everyone an insight into the team behind the project. It also gave sneak peeks (via a video) at its office, where all the magic happens. While doing this reveal, it also reassures members of the CCash community of its commitment to bringing huge updates.

Recently, Qorpo organized a celebrity NFT event on its market. DUring this period, it connected with one of the most popular rappers in Central Europe. To support charitable causes, MOMO released his NFT collection through the Qorpo Marketplace. A total of $1,700 was raised from this event. As promised, the corporation will be donation everything to charity.

Speaking of partnerships, there will be a joint giveaway in collaboration with the Secret Society of Whales. It will end on the 23rd of May at 23:59 UTC and 4 NFTs will be up for grabs. Simply do the following:

About Qorpo Games

QORPO is an international company & gaming studio with 100+ employees. It focuses on web 3 and connecting gaming with blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFTs. This firm is a metaverse leader in Central Europe and is currently building the most complete ecosystem. This includes the development of these 4 products that will be fully live in 2022. They include Trade Race Manager 2, Crypto Citizen, QORPO Market and QORPO ID

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