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MOBOX Set to Launch MOHome Alpha Test Phase #2

The cross-platform gaming metaverse, MOBOX, has announced the launch of its MOHome Alpha Test Phase #2. The ongoing MOMOverse Alpha Test phase #1 will end on November 30 at 8:00 UTC, and the leaderboard rewards will be distributed.

Following the completion of the first phase, the game platform will launch the MOHome Alpha Test Phase #2 on December 21 at 8:00 UTC.

What to Expect in the MOHome Alpha Test Phase #2

According to the game platform, the Winners and number of rewards in the new Crate leaderboard will remain the same as it was in phase one. The team will open a new MOHome leaderboard and close the MOMO Boxing leaderboard. 

It further mentioned it has added a “private crate,” which does not cost any crate time. These crate items are private assets and are not tradable. MOBOX also mentioned it adjusted the function parameters and unlock level requests for a couple of MOHome buildings.

The team revealed it will launch Orchard and Fruit during the test period. MOBOX mentioned it will return the costs of binding materials and collections used for MOHome during the test when it officially launches MOHome. However, it will not return the MBOX used.


Highlights of the MOHome Alpha Test Phase #2

Phase two covers MOHome Charging, MOHome Orchard, Orchard Looting, and Deep Space Caravans. 

  • MOHome Charging

Users can build the Charging Tower in MOHome and friends in MOMOverse have the opportunity to recharge each other. Users can also activate the time-bound prosperity bonus BUFF when the charging tower’s energy is full.

  • MOHome Orchards

Users can consume corresponding materials for fruit planting, depending on the plans. It is worth mentioning that a higher star rating for the planting plan will produce higher fruits. Additionally, participants must understand that different plans come with different planting times, yields, and chances of getting stolen.

  • Orchard Looting

Participants in the Alpha Test Phase #2 can build Lighthouse in MOHome. The Lighthouse can search randomly for any MOMOverse player and loot the unharvested fruits of such a player.

Deep Space Caravans

The visiting Caravan within MOMOverse will designate three types of fruits for buyback randomly every 24 hours of the testing period. Participants who sell fruits will gain prestige and the fruit trading is based on the personal prestige of the player being a percentage of the overall prestige of MOMOverse. Players who sell fruits will earn MBOX as a reward.

Finally, participants who complete different MOHome tasks every 72 hours can get rewards for looting, prestige, and search cards. 

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