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My DeFi Pet Opens Voting to Determine Pet Burn Fee

Following the earlier announcement on the voting for the burn pet fee, My DeFi Pet has released the voting link to establish the fee for burning pets in the Metaverse.

Suffice to mention that My DeFi Pet is a virtual NFT-based pet game that combines collectibles and DeFi with the userโ€™s personality. The voting for the fee is slated to start from 4:00 pm on June 30 to 4:00 pm UTC on July 2.

Details of the Voting Activity

My DeFi Pet has announced that there are two options that its team puts in place to receive the fee after the burning of each Pet process on the Sacred Temple for its Spirits. The options are as follows:

  • Option One: Stop refunding fee
  • Option Two: Keep sending the refund fees to users

The voting mechanism is 1 $DPET for each vote. It is worth mentioning that the more $DPET a user holds in their wallet, the more votes they will have. The voting will take place through two different links for every user on the BSC Chain and Kardia Chain. Voters must select the correct link based on their usage chain so they can get legitimate voting results.

More Details about My DeFi Pet

My DeFi Pet is a virtual pet game that combines collectibles, DeFi, and usersโ€™ personalities in delivering NFT-based gaming experiences. The game platform revolves around the core theme of engaging in gaming activities, including collecting, evolving, breeding, trading/socializing, and battling for pets.

The game Metaverse utilizes the concept of โ€œSeasonโ€ to break the game progress into minute parts. Users on the platform can obtain pets in two main ways. These include summoning and auctioning.

The summoning involves obtaining a random egg through the consumption of a specific amount of $DPET while auctioning involves bidding for new pets that are born. Another aspect of the gaming Metaverse is the breeding part, which works like real-world breeding.

Here, users can breed pets to create new offspring. When you breed two pets, there is a high chance that the offspring will have the body parts and some attributes from both the father and mother.

It can also have other body parts that may not be from the parents but the recessive traits of the parents. Pets on the platform also evolve in terms of their capabilities and levels, which are determined by their rarity. Players can upgrade their pets by feeding them with $DPET tokens.

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