Penguin Karts Development and Partnership Update
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Penguin Karts Issues Development & Partnership Update

Penguin Karts, next gen battle-racing game issues a development and partnership update to its investors. This comes after a token generation event that took place on the 23rd of March. According to the COO, the team delayed in making this announcement as they had setbacks in their communication department. However, they have been able to overcome the obstacles by hiring a new admin.

With things now in order, the firm decided to give more insights to their partners and other recent developments. With focus more Data aggregation sites, NFT projects, Media partners, Guilds and Metaverse Avatar tools. It will also talk about various gaming partner,, where the last partner that will come as a surprise to its community members. This reveal will give users a clue as to the AMA session that will take place afterwards.

Details of the Penguin Karts Development & Partnership Update

Penguin Karts Game

Penguin Karts has positioned itself as a central hub for gameplay. It is all thanks to the effort it put into networking and partnership. In this update, it reveals that it has partnered with every game on the Fantom blockchain. Furthermore, it also has gaming partners on BSC, Polygon, and Solana. All these are besides other projects that the team is working with.

Their dev team is also working on a tool that they can use to create a multiverse out of these individual projects. Here are some of the gaming aggregator sites working with Penguin Karts:

  • UpOnly – a play to earn gaming analytics and prediction platform.
  • Bird – an oracle that offers analysis to decentralized applications.
  • SpinTop – a a platform that is building an encyclopaedia of all the play to earn games.
  • IQ Protocol – a DeFi framwork for renting out digital assets.
  • Insert Stonks – a tool that will provide seamless interoperability between the different games.
  • LuduFi – a game directory that evolved into an NFT lending platform.

As mentioned earlier, there are other games that may become part of the larger multiverse. They include the following.

  • Fabwelt Studios
  • BitBone NFT
  • Hyena Gaming Society
  • Owl Congress
  • Matic News
  • Skills Guild
  • Unix
  • Gen Zero Guild
  • Nusantara
  • Breech
  • Tank Wars
  • Crime Cash
  • GachyiLand
  • Kitsumon
  • League of Empires
  • MetaChess
  • Metarun
  • ThugzLife
  • Warp games

Warp Game is “latest partner that was mentioned earlier. They will be hosted today on the Penguin Karts Stage for an AMA. Speaking of interactive sessions, the game was live in the Matic Media community on Wednesday the 11th of May at 7pm UTC.

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